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Watch a Dubai firefighter fly on water jetpack

The one-minute video released by Dubai Media Office, where we see a member of Dubai Civil Defence zipping along Dubai Creek on red and yellow jet ski, before strapping on a water jetpack and rising up into the air.

They then hover expertly on two plumes of water, as they direct a hose towards a white van that seems to have burst into flames on Dubai’s Maktoum Bridge.


Called Dolphin (because it’s clever and great in water?), the innovative new firefighting service launched at Intersec 2017, a security and fire safety expo taking place in Dubai until 24th January.

Although it’s been showcased dousing a car fire, Dolphin’s role will be to fight blazes on boats and shoreline buildings.

Half of the Dubai is by water and a smart idea that will go hand-in-hand with floating fire stations, which is an another development announced by Lieutenant Colonel Ali Al Mutawa, head of operations at Dubai Civil Defence.