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Why February 29 is a special day?

Ek extra din... the day that comes once in four years, is, for many, a birthday, an anniversary... and for some, just one extra day at work. So, are you planning to party today or crib?

B'day, after 4 years!
For 25-year-old Shamita Jain, February 29 is as important as her life because she was born that day. It's the most important day of her life as she says, "I am super excited. I always celebrate my birthday every four years in a grand manner. Ab char saal mein ek baar hee toh mera birthday aata hai." Similarly, Karan Lal (25) celebrates his birthday once every four years and this year too, he plans to celebrate in a different manner. "It might sound kiddish, but I call myself a 'leap son' and unlike other people, I don't celebrate my birthday on March 1 or February 28, so for me, February 29 is the D-Day and I throw a huge party for family and friends," says Karan. For Radha Khandelwal (21), the celebrations began from January 1 only. "You tend to be happy when you know that it's a leap year and honestly, I have been happy since January and I am planning a party at my farmhouse," shares Radha. But for Nikki Kuneta (22), her birthday is all about gifts. She tells us, "Who doesn't like to receive gifts and I get this opportunity once in four years so dude, I am overjoyed."

Happy anniversary!
For Ruchi Bhargav, housewife, celebrations started from February 1 as she will be celebrating her 10th anniversary on February 29. "I am elated as I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary and it was by sheer luck that 2012 is a leap year, else we would have to celebrate on March 1." And for Kunal, it is the pain of buying a gift. "The first thing I got to know on January 1 was that 2012 is a leap year and now, I will have to buy an expensive gift for my wife for our anniversary," laughs Kunal Verma, adding, "Jokes apart, I am glad that it is a leap year as we get to celebrate our wedding anniversary on the exact date this year."

An extra day at work
But while some celebrate their birthdays and anniversarys, and some sulk in their office cubicles. Ask them why and pat comes the reply. "Given an option to work for 28 days a month and 29 days a month, what do you think I would prefer?" asks Pooja Malik, BPO employee. And Karan Goyal, banker, seconds the thought. He says, "I've just completed my CA and joined a bank. So, it's my first job and well, it's a leap year so I get to work for 29 days in February, not fair." And yes, there were few people who didn't even know that 2012 was a leap year until we asked them. "Oh, my gosh! That means I have to work one more day in this month," rues Neeraj Chaudhary, banker.

Just another day
And now, for those who think this is just another day of the year, to be spent sleeping, shopping or perhaps, watching a movie. "I am unemployed since six months and for me, it is any other day. I will chill and go shopping," says Lalit Khaitan (25). But Surbhit Singh (26) has the best plan - he plans to attend all leap day birthday parties of his friends. "Since I have nothing to do, I plan to attend parties that day and I guess that's the best thing to do. That will burn a hole in my pocket as I will have to buy loads of gifts, but as long as I am having fun, all is cool."