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First, Lemme NOT take a Selfie

So you want to post a picture of you driving or Insta a 10 sec video while u zoom past the Burj Khalifa or still better, show off your social skills on Snapchat while being on the wheel, then be prepared to be fined Dh200 and get four black points on your driving license if you are caught taking a selfie while driving in Dubai.

This is yet another measure taken by the authorities to have promote road safety & curb accidents lead by the selfie craze.
Selfies have been responsible for serious accidents and deaths in the world and in the UAE too.
To tackle the issue, Sharjah Police had organised an awareness programme titled ‘Taking a selfie can end your life ... selfies are a danger that you have to stop practicing’.
So how about you take a selfie with this article and post it on your FB, Insta & Twitter to spread awareness!