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UAE builds world's first 3D printed office.

It looks like Dubai’s ambitious 3D printing strategy wasn’t just aimed at the future. Just a month ago, Dubai announced their plans to turn the Gulf nation into the world’s 3D printing capital by 2030, and the first result of their efforts can already be admired. The 3D printed ‘Office of the Future’, a 250 square meter structure, has been built in just 17 days and is already equipped to function as the temporary office of the Dubai Future Foundation in the Emirates Towers premises. This really raises expectations for other Dubai 3D printing initiatives.

A custom robotic 3D printing platform that is 20 feet high, 120 feet long and 40 feet wide was used to 3D print the building. Other mobile 3D printers were also present at the construction side to help facilitate construction processes.

What’s more, the design itself is also functional. The arc shape was specifically chosen to optimize safety, while it also ensures stability. The interior, meanwhile, showcases a shift from traditional work environments to a more interactive setting, which stimulates innovation and communication between teams. The office also houses opportunities for joint projects from around the world, and acts, its designers say, as a platform to inspire ideas and develop relations between employees. Room for exhibitions, workshops and other events is also provided.

Sheikh Mohammed further pointed out that this project perfectly showcases the competitive advantages of 3D printing; especially the lower costs and faster delivery times, he said, should help make the United Arab Emirates one of the world’s most important sustainable economic hubs. While 2030 is still years away, this fantastic no-nonsense attitude towards 3D printing does make us very curious about what else can be expected of Dubai in the near future.