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IT ***1/2

Starring: Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis & others

Director: Andy Muschietti

What’s it about?

A bunch of kids in a sleepy American town ‘Derry’ are haunted by a shifty evil dancing clown who awakens every 3 decades and many go missing. They must face their own demons to fight the blood thirsty joker, who in his own words, “feeds on their fears and feasts on their flesh.”


Based on the 1986 Stephen King Novel of the same name ‘IT’ has to by far be the best adaptation we’ve seen. Director Andy Muschietti’s ‘IT’ is slick as hell and scares are unpredictably new.

Better still, all the teenage kids in the film have distinct characters and stories and they take you with them, just as much as Pennywise – the dancing devil clown.

For me, I cannot decide what I enjoyed more – the banter and bonding between the kids from ‘the loser club’ as they grow through their precarious adolescence or the unsuspecting fear of the clown lurking in the dark springing up from nowhere.

A little over 2 and a half hours, ‘IT’ is long but not boring. If you’re a horror fan, go for ‘IT’, and let it come for you!

3 and a half stars from me.

- By Ronak Kotecha