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From Bombay to Mumbai

Bombay, now Mumbai the financial capital of India has a story of exponential urbanization, unprecedented immigration and a corresponding real-estate boom. They say it’s a city of dreams and once you have lived and made it your home no place is good enough.

Below are few of the pictures of this wonderful city in its journey from Bombay to Mumbai.

Asiatic Town Hall then 

Asiatic Town Hall now


Bombay University then

Mumbai University now.


Crawford Market then

Crawford Market now


Dadar Station then

Dadar Station now


Elphinstone Circle then

Elphinstone Circle now


Gateway of India then

Gateway of India now


Bombay High Court then

Bombay High Court now


Wilson College then

Wilson College now


Oval Maidan then

Oval Maidan now


Flora Fountain then

Flora Fountain now


Victoria Terminus then

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus now


Mumbai Local then

Mumbai Local now


Marine Drive then

Marine Drive now


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