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Majestic Melbourne

Melbourne, located in the south-east corner of mainland Australia is known for its vibrant energy, restaurants, café-filled laneways, spacious parks and village-like inner suburbs, each with its own special character. Modern, cutting-edge designs add to the fascinating mix of heritage architecture and ensure the skyline is constantly changing.

Often referred as the Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne has come a long way since its foundation in 1835 and has also been ranked in the ‘worlds most livable city’.

Below are few of the pictures that displays the transformation of this ‘Majestic Melbourne’ city.


Flinders Street Station then.

Flinders Street Station now.


Yarra River (west) then.

Yarra River (west) now.


Elizebeth Street then.

Elizebeth Street now.


Chinatown (Little Bourke St) then.

Chinatown (Little Bourke St) now.


Flinders Lane then.

Flinders Lane now.


Southern Cross Station - Spencer Street then.

Southern Cross Station - Spencer Street now.


Victoria Docks then.

Victoria Docks now.


Melbourne Docklands then.

Melbourne Docklands now.


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