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Titan Turns 20




Say Happy 20th Birthday to Titan!

It’s the tune you grew up listening to. It’s the tune that you spent days humming along! It’s the tune that is synonymous with exemplary time keeping.

Titan, India's most loved watch brand, is celebrating 20 years of keeping time for its customers in GCC and we want you to be part of this by humming the "Titan tune" everyday on Radio 4.

Now, take a pause, close your eyes, clear your mind and hum the tune! (That’s it!)

Hum the Titan tune live on air with us and you could get a chance to win AED 500 Titan Gift Voucher.

Also, you will be one of the 10 listeners chosen to record a "professional acapella jingle" for Titan and be exposed to millions on air and on social media!

Celebrate 20 glorious years of Titan in association with 89.1 Radio 4.

Titan Facts

  • Titan Watches Celebrates 20 years of successful presence in the GCC region with 18 Exclusive Outlets in UAE.
  • Titan is World’s 5th Largest Watchmaker with over 135 million watches sold in 33 countries. It’s truly an International brand.
  • Every 3 seconds there is a Titan watch being bought somewhere in the world. 
  • Titan is the maker of “Titan Edge – Slimmest Watch in the Universe with movement thickness of 1.15 mm, equivalent to a Credit Card.
  • As Titan celebrates its 20 years of success in Gulf, it is offering exciting offers to its consumers. Please visit your nearest Titan outlet or visit for more details

There is a Titan for every occasion, every mood and every look. And to celebrate this 20 years of time keeping, relieve Titan moments from present and past. We have much love for all these Titan Ads. What's your Titan Story?