RJ Aseem

Aseem is in love with all sorts of arts, except for YAWNNNN-shoshan-which is the art of yawning on your way to work. Aseem is the host of the most entertaining breakfast show the UAE wakes up to – DaBang Mornings. Over the years, DaBang Mornings has achieved a sort of cult status, with listeners seeing it more as a habit than a radio show. One would expect a song request on the radio, but listeners literally request for Aseem’s impersonation of Ajay Devgn, as the loving “Bajirao Chingam” is an all-time favorite! Talk your heart out on Bolgappey and channelize your inner Bollywood keeda by participating in The Really Difficult Bollywood Quiz, all while winning some fantastic prizes!! Aseem ensures your morning begins with all the madness you need to get you through the day.

#In3Words:  Entertainment, entertainment…entertainment!

#RadioRole: To motivate you to realize your true potential and quit your day job to take over the world. Or to motivate you to get to your day job.

#WhatHeBrings: A career built on seeing the lighter side of everything, being on the right side of the law and sometimes on the wrong side of someone’s tolerance levels. Most of it while doing Radio. Won me quite a few awards though. Yay!

#ZodiacStar: The raging bull

#MyPersona: A work in progress. A qualified procrastinator. Contributing to entropy for a couple of decades. A nomad searching for the best burger ever made. Don’t judge me just yet, I’m calling Bob the Builder to fix my attitude.

#RJingStyle: Sometimes crazy, sometimes highbrow, all times funny.

#StressRelieverTablets: Looking in the mirror and mumbling Frank Underwood quotes.

#MusicToMe: The SMS tone of the salary credited message on the 1st of every month. Ahh, such music to my ears!

#FavoritePlaceToChill: If I’d tell you…I’d have to…lol you know what I mean.

#FavoriteMovies: My own life in technicolor. K lol jk. The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, Fight Club and too many more to list.

#FavoriteCelebrities: Robert De Niro, Shahrukh Khan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Rakhi Sawant, The Kardashians. Yup.

#BiggestSin: Borrowing pens and not giving them back.