RJ Deevangana

With scores of awards under her belt, RJ Deevangana is the voice of the people. She is known for her to connect with celebrities as well as with the listeners. With an immense fan following across the continent, she has a zealous and affable voice which has made her hugely popular among the people of UAE.

#In3Words: Empathetic, Vivacious & Zappy

#RadioRole: Deevangana makes you forget all your woes. Her voice is a healer of heart and soul. She will make her positivity and enthusiasm rub on to you, with a filmy connect that will transport you to a world of dreams and indefinite possibilities. You find your peace in her beautiful chaos. With a unique style of presentation, she is an easy connect.

#WhatSheBrings: She is a favorite among listeners due to her sparkling persona. She not just motivates you but also cares for what you have to share and guide you as a friend. She is your best listener. Her voice is magic you could believe in.

#ZodiacStar: Sagittarius

#MyPersona: My soul is made of the sea- Calm and Chaotic at the same time.

#RJingStyle: Energetic, Rollicking, Filmy

#StressRelieverTablets: Traveling

#MusicToMe: Energy-booster

#FavoritePlaceToChill: Zurich, Switzerland

#FavoriteMovies: The Pursuit of Happiness, Devdaas

#FavoriteCelebrities: Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan & Oprah Winfrey

#BiggestSin: Greed and Gluttony. Greed for more love from people whom I cater to and Glutonny – Cheese and Mayo and Cheese. Did I say Cheese twice!