RJ Kritika

Kritika is regarded as the biggest Asian Media Personality in the Middle East. She was a Television Journalist before her foray into Radio. She is often addressed as the Oprah Winfrey of the Middle East as she has what it takes to make waves on the air. Owing to the fan power she yields over the UAE she is friendly and talkative in real life as she is on air

#In3Words: Fearless, Compassionate & Effervescent

#RadioRole: Experiencing Kritika is like watching a full-blown Bollywood masala flick. She takes you through the whole gamut of emotions, some days she will make you laugh out loud, other days you might find yourself wiping away tears as you sit in the car listening to her. She pulls at your heartstrings with her forthright and blatantly honest style of presentation. She is lively and will spruce up your evening after a long hard day of work and toil. If you need a quick energy fix, she is your go-to person

#WhatSheBrings: Despite her influence over the masses who have supported all her campaigns with an unparalleled fervor. She will inspire, empathize & listen to you and will not shy away from giving you a dressing down when you need it. She is a part of your Life!

#ZodiacStar: Gemini

#MyPersona: Ferocious bordering on Scary lol I’m like a coconut hard on the outside and soft on the inside

#RJingStyle: Interactive, Energetic and straight from the heart!

#StressRelieverTablets: Manic Dancing

#MusicToMe: Therapeutic

#FavoritePlaceToChill: Tuscany in Italy

#FavoriteMovies: Top Gun and DDLJ

#FavoriteCelebrities: Tom Hanks and his Desi equivalent Aamir Khan

#BiggestSin: Adhering to the whims and fancies of my flippant heart….drool!