ABOUT ME: She is as real as can be. Have a chat with her and you’ll know just why she has that loyal listener base. Whether amidst fans or with friends, Bhairavi is the absolute sweetheart! For her listeners, she is the go-to-girl for any hassle. While for Bhairavi, her listeners mean the world to her

Her charm lies in her liveliness, her honesty, her simplicity, and her gazillion PJs. Her life plan is to have lots and lots of dogs and to travel to random places across the globe while singing some ridiculously cheesy songs

Oh! And lastly, she’s also represented UAE in the field of cricket and is a complete sports buff

#In3Words: Heart before head

#RadioRole: To bring on that gigantic smile on my listener’s face!

#WhatSheBrings: Truckloads of puns, buckets of sarcasm, bowls of wit and humor to anything from politics to the world of sports! Also, I’ve never wanted to be just another RJ to my listener. In short, my listeners will always have a listener (to all their hassles) in me.

#Zodiac Star: I am called by some as the different Piscean (is that a good or bad thing though?)

#MyPersona: I can only say it as it is. I always think from my heart, which (unfortunately) isn’t the best trait in today’s day and age. But basically, I like to be calm and keep kaam se kaam. Also, I talk to animals!

#RJingStyle: I am always myself, on-air, on-field or on-line.

#StressRelieverTablets: Jugni and Sniffy (my two fur babies of course!), and the company of my loved ones! AND sports! AND long-drives to trashy 90s songs! 😀

#MusicToMe: Makes the world a smaller and happier place

#FavoritePlaceToChill: Any place with a great company works

#FavoriteMovies: Yet to fine a movie that I could name a favorite. I enjoy thrillers, biopics and horror movies

#FavoriteCelebrities: Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Irfan Khan, Nawwazudin Siddiqui

#BiggestSin: In a sinful relationship with cheesecake and dark chocolate