RJ Faizan Khan

Just 8 years young in the Radio industry from an experienced Sales Executive to discovering his true calling, Faizan Khan has been fortunate enough to be a part of Radio, Television, and Stage which is why he introduces himself as a Media Professional. He is an avid film and cricket buff who hopes to discover his creative side by writing on films, cricket, books and all things pop-culture

#In3Words: Dynamic, Knowledgeable, Consistent – Theen Kafi hai, ki aur Bolu

#RadioRole: To add Sparkle On-Air

#WhatHeBrings: A Refreshing Outlook of sense & sensibility, sarcasm & humor, this guy sure knows a lot!

#ZodiacStar: Carrying the Piscean trait, he is compassionate & mystical

#MyPersona: Ab Apne Baare Mein Kya Kahaa Jaaye...Jo Hain, Woh Hain!!

#RJingStyle: Be it On Air or Off Air It's me! Ekdum Original! My Ishtyle!

#StressRelieverTablets: Long Drives, Music, Sports

#MusicToMe: Is a wonderful world with beautiful people

#FavoritePlaceToChill: Hill station

#FavoriteMovies: Chak De! India

#FavoriteCelebrities: Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor & Mr. Perfectionist - Aamir Khan

#BiggestSin: CRO-sin