rj shruti

ABOUT ME: A Rapper in a cloak, however, you could spot me exploring the streets of Dubai in a hoodie! An absolute adventure junkie, who prefers a skydive over an endless binge on Netflix, any day!

An Award-winning TV Presenter, who has been on the airwaves for over a decade! While staying fit, eating clean is a lifestyle choice, daily chill time with friends with an americano is an absolute mandate!

I am not sure if it was Shakespeare or Gulzar but these lines by a supremely talented poet spoke to me, “She got one life…. She’s livin' it up….. She doesn’t give a __” oh wait I guess it was BADSHAH!

So to sum it up… I’ ma Chill Yo, and I’ ma make you chill too!

#In3Words: “Oops” over “what-if”

#RadioRole:  To make my listeners forget their worries & groove with me on awesome music.

#WhatSheBrings: Energy, Smiles, positivity and foot-tapping music.

#Zodiac Star: Aamir Khan… err I mean… Perfectionist… err I mean… Virgo!!! 

#MyPersona: Ever-evolving human who lives by the rule... Life is flawsome! Hence I work on my flaws to make myself awesome.

#RJingStyle: RJing in Style!

#StressRelieverTablets: I don’t stress out .. I chill out!

#MusicToMe:  Is an Encounter as well as an Escape.

#FavoritePlaceToChill:  My friend-zone, place doesn’t matter.

#FavoriteMovies:  For me, it’s never about the movie, always about the popcorn! Caramel and Cheese Mix, please!

#FavoriteCelebrities: Abhishek Bachchan, Tiger Shroff, Robert Downey Jr.

#BiggestSin: hate the sin, love the sinner.