• Your chance to be the hero and turn a bill into a Zero!
  • Every week we’ll  pay off one of your bills in full!!
  • Win your share of AED 80,000 of  bills paid across the Channel 4 Network
  • Register below or send a screenshot of a recently paid bill or even your Food & Dinning or shopping bills paid through RAKBank or through RAKBANK digital banking to Whatsapp 0554625891
  • And listen to RAKBANK MEGA BILL MONDAY  every Monday on the Hashtag Trending with Shruti
  • It could be your bill that we pay!


  • RAKBANK MEGA BILL MONDAY is Channel 4 Radio Network promotion across its four radio stations,104.8 Channel 4 FM, Al Rabia 107.8 FM, 89.1 Radio 4 FM and Gold 101.3 FM broadcasting in the UAE
  • Following a period of pre promotion and registration listeners to all four of the above stations will have the opportunity to win the reimbursement of a recent bill as defined below, each Monday.
  • The pre promotion and registration period to enter RAKBANK MEGA BILL MONDAY will commence on 18th May 2022.
  • From 23rd May 2022 each of the four stations will play RAKBANK MEGA BILL MONDAY every Monday at various times of the day for 32 weeks until 26th Dec 2022.
  • Players will be selected to play from the above online registration page or on What’sApp 0554625891
  • Participants should have paid this via RAKBANK digital banking or using a RAKBANK card at any payment location.
  • Winners will be required to show a proof of payment.
  • Each participant will have to submit the copy of their bills minus their personal details.
  • Each week a RAKBANK MEGA BILL MONDAY winner will be selected at random and called to be awarded their prize of the amount corresponding to the bill they have submitted.
  • In the event that the selected entrant is unable to answer a call from the Radio 4 studios at contesting time, the station reserves with right to randomly select another winner and call them instead.
  • Please allow up to 30 days for prize fulfillment.
  • You are only allowed to win once during the period of 32 weeks.
  • Regular Radio Station Terms & Conditions apply.