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Terms & Conditions

WIN A LIFE - Radio Competition

By taking part in the On Air competition – “WIN A LIFE”   participant hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions. We advise participants to read and understand the below terms and conditions before taking part in the competition.

Competition Terms and Conditions -

  • Win a Life is a Channel 4 Radio Network promotion involving its four radio stations namely 104.8 Channel 4 FM , Al Rabia 107.8 FM , 89.1 Radio 4 FM and Gold 101.3 FM broadcasting in the UAE
  • Contest is open to UAE residents with valid UAE residence visa only.
  • Following a period of pre-promotion and registration, listeners of all four of the above-named stations will have the opportunity to play an on-air contest called Win a Life.
  • The registration starts from Monday 28th Feb, 2022 to Tuesday, 29th March 2022.
  • Commencing Monday 14th March 2022, each of the four stations will run Win a Life on Air competition on a daily basis from Monday to Friday at various times of the day for three weeks.
  • Participants will be selected to play from the online registration.
  • Our Team picks up listeners from those who have registered
  • Once the listener is ON AIR, the DJ picks up a random letter/ alphabet on behalf of the listener from a bowl of balls or chits or some other way.
  • After picking up the letter – DJ tells the listener – they need to guess the name of the Movie/ Song/ Artist basis 4 clues they will get. The time limit is 40 secs with one guess per clue
  • Listeners giving the right answer in each show – WIN the round and become a quarterfinalist.
  • We will maintain a score-board with the number of clues and time taken.
  • From all of those who participate and WIN – each week – we pick 1 Semi-finalist – basis the least number of clues.
  • If two people have taken the same number of clues to answer, we pick the one with the least time as the SEMIFINALIST.
  • In the event that two or more participants across the week registered the same score at the top of the leaderboard, they will be brought on-air at the end of the week and they will be asked a single tie breaker question to establish a weekly winner.
  • This game play will continue for three weeks on all four stations. Each station will have three winners (one winner each week) who will compete against each other in the Semi Finals to secure a place in the Finale.
  • In the Finale, 4 Finalists (One Finalist from each station) will compete against each other to win the final Win a Life Listeners may enter as many times as they wish during the course of the promotion but may only win one place in the grand finale. For the avoidance of doubt, any player who wins a place in the grand finale by scoring the highest on the weekly leaderboard may not enter the contest again as they already have a place in the Semi Final.
  • The grand finale will take place on 1st April 2022 in a place decided by Channel 4 Management (winners will be notified in advance).
  • All finalists will be contacted with all the details and requirements for the grand finale. All the attendees will be required to observe health and safety measures including wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing at all times.
  • Any weekly winner unable to attend the grand finale in person forfeits the right to enter the grand finale of Win a Life. He/She will still be able to claim his weekly prize already won.
  • The winner of Win a Life competition agrees to accept all prizes in the knowledge that none of them are transferable. They are required to be accepted and used as per the prize guidelines. Prizes cannot be exchanged or converted into cash. The prices are to be used within the specified given dates. Dates cannot be changed for any reasons.
  • Win a Life final winner has to live in the prized rent-free property for the specified period only. It cannot be sublet or transferred to anyone else.
  • By entering to play, all participants give their full permission to be broadcast on any or all of the Channel 4 radio stations and to be publicized positively and reasonably through social media or any other media channels. This includes the grand finale event on 1st April 2022 and post promotional activity with the final winner of Win a Life.
  • All the contest queries or disputes should be addressed to the radio station management. Radio station management will have the final decision in such matters.
  • The Channel 4 Radio network reserves the right to change or amend any of the above terms and conditions at any point in time without notice.
  • In the event of a force majeure- Channel4 Radio Network reserve the rights to cancel, postpone or change the competition in any way at its own discretion without any liability towards winners and sponsors of the competition.