Emirates NBD Presents Malabar Gold and Diamonds Yeh Diwali India Wali brought to you by Punjab Pure Veg by Amritsar Restaurant

Radio 4 is giving 10 lucky listeners a chance to go back to their city in India to celebrate Diwali, with AED 1000 cash and bring some of that festive spirit here back in UAE. SMS “Malabar Gold” space your name space hometown on 6889. Filght tickets thanks to Air Arabia.

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Fill in the form below to participate



I, _________________________________, Emirates ID _____________ am the WINNER of Radio 4 Diwali Campaign, accept to the following terms & conditions by Channel 4 Radio Network.

  1. The radio station along with the sponsors will provide only the return tickets, for on person, on dates decided by them (Channel 4 Radio Network & Sponsors – called as the organizers here after in the T&C).
  2. The organizers will not be responsible/pay for tests, visa or any other requirement of this travel and the winner takes full responsibilities of completing these processes in time to complete the travel.
  3. Winner will bear any additional cost of travel and boarding in India and in UAE.
  4. Winner must be vaccinated and complete the quarantine rules as put forward by the country of travel or arrival at their own expense.
  5. Winner agrees to travel to a city in India – as per the tickets provided to them and then reach their home town or the town/city – pre-agreed upon with the organizers for Diwali.
  6. The winner will travel to cover the festival of Diwali as discussed and directed by the organizers and fulfil all the commitments including but not limited to voice, videos, pictures, social media coverage (posts/ stories / videos) across all their social media handles – and provide the same to the organizers.
  7. The winner agrees to do all the brand endorsements and promotions for the organizers of this campaign as per the instructions of the organizer.
  8. The winner undertakes the responsibility of having a seamless broadband/data connection all through their travel – especially when in their respective cities of travel in India.
  9. The winner will be available on phone call (audio/ video) at all times for the organizers.
  10. Any lag or technical failure will not be the organizer’s responsibility.
  11. The organizers have full rights to use and include winner’s names, pictures, videos, voice in any way for the promotion of the activity/ station/ organizers present and in the future without any payment or compensation to the winner.
  12. Failure to fulfil any/ all the terms and conditions, Non Compliance, Non- Cooperation at any point of time during the campaign execution will lead to disqualification and elimination of the winner. In such a condition the winner agrees to pay a sum of 5000 AED to the organizers as a penalty and losses incurred in terms of campaign commitment.
  13. The winners, will be available for promotions, interviews and visit partner brand outlets/ venues as scheduled by the organizers.
  14. The organizers are not responsible for any loss of property or life during this campaign or during the travel or after that and the winner completely understands the risks involved in the travel.
  15. The list of giveaways may change, vary, and differ at the discretion of the organizers.
  16. The organizers reserve the right to change or amend any of the above terms and conditions at any point.
  17. Any dispute to be addressed to the radio station management. Radio station management will have final decision in such matters.
  18. In event of a force measure – Channel4 Radio Network reserve the rights to cancel, postpone or change the promotion in any way at its own discretion without any liability towards winners and sponsors of the competition.
  19. The winner will receive a cash reward of AED 1,000 as a part of this promotion.


Terms and conditions read and Accepted

Received cash AED 1,000 (AED One Thousand Only)

Name –

Signature -