‘Letter of the New Season’ has six important messages for Emiratis and UAE residents.

On Saturday, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, shared some tips to officials, ministers, and leaders.

He took to social media to release the letter that has been titled ‘ new season of achievements.’

Translation of the full letter.

1. Officials should be on the field, not at conferences

The right place for officials, ministers, and leaders is on the field. We want to see them among students and teachers, and traders and investors in the markets. We want to hear of them among farmers and fishermen; among widows, mothers and senior citizens; and among patients, doctors and health professionals in hospitals. We want to see them among people and hear their observations on the ground, not in conference halls and the corners of forums. We are an achievement-based government that does not rely on lectures and speeches. We are a team of achievers and not a team of theorists.

2. Don't tarnish UAE's image on social media

Neglect and chaos over social media platforms impact the achievements that thousands of work teams have dedicated their greatest efforts to build. The reputation of the UAE is not for public use by those who seek more followers. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the official entity that manages our foreign issues, speaks on our behalf and represents our political standpoints. One of its main mandates also comprises maintaining 48 years of long-standing credibility and good reputation that the UAE has established with countries and peoples across the world. We shall not accept that a number of online users taint the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan that he established on the values of credibility, love, and respect. The image of our country and citizens should remain as intact and bright as Sheikh Zayed had aspired it to be.

3. Emiratisation is the UAE's top priority

We have heard numerous complaints about Emiratisation and the public has grown less satisfied with the way authorities have been managing this issue. We are monitoring the process. Providing job opportunities for citizens was and will remain a top priority, as is the case in countries of the East and the West. This season, we shall take serious actions in regards to Emiratisation and ensure regular follow-up and accountability. We shall issue new directives in the coming months.

4. We need more projects to drive our economy to the top

Thankfully, our economic performance is in continuous progress, and our competitiveness and foreign trade are on the rise. However, we are not a country that develops with average indicators. We are a nation that thrives to make economic leaps to save time. In the coming phase, we need fundamental projects and exceptional ideas that will drive our economy to the top. Real estate projects need to adjust their pace to provide an added value to our national economy and avoid becoming a source of burden and imbalance to our economic journey.

5. Government departments must not ignore complaints from the public

We have reiterated and strongly emphasized that the ultimate goal of governments is to serve people. Yet, unfortunately, we still hear complaints from the public on live programs and social media platforms. Some officials do not find the courage to address public needs or even respond to concerns. I am aware that challenges exist, but avoiding them solves nothing. Fearing to face the public is a sign of a weak and unconfident entity. I request everyone to respect any callers, respond to their inquiries and dedicate efforts to solve their problems. Expanding our resources is never as important as expanding our hearts.

6. The future is bright

Lastly, I tell everyone to be optimistic because the future is better, greater and more beautiful. We are the best-prepared nation for the future, the most competitive in the region, the fastest growing in the number of projects and the most advanced in public administration. We are the best nation in the adoption of future technology and most importantly, we are a nation that holds the courage to face the facts, revise decisions and modify strategies on a regular basis to march towards the future at full speed.