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Dubai Police announced the launch of a special edition of their famous Esports Tournament, coinciding with the UAE SWAT Challenge which is set to be held in Al Ruwayyah Training Facility between 3rd and 7th February. Major Abdullah Al Shehi, Deputy Director of Cyber Investigation at the General Department of Criminal Investigation, highlighted that the Esports Tournament and the UAE SWAT Challenge aim to enhance the tournament’s global objectives. The event will attract a large audience from various communities and visitors supporting their tactical teams. -ADVERTISEMENT- Ads by Al Shehi explained that hosting Esports competitions, which appeal to diverse societal segments, especially the youth, is a significant opportunity for raising awareness on critical issues. These include caution when dealing with strangers in chat rooms, awareness about electronic financial transactions, and avoiding sharing personal and banking information to prevent extortion or electronic fraud. The initiative aligns with Dubai Police’s strategic direction of enhancing security and safety.