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Dubai's strict parking regulations carry fines from Dh100 to Dh10,000 enforced by the Road and Transport Authority. Violations include exceeding time limits, non-payment of fees, obstruction, misuse of facilities, and unauthorized parking. UAE federal traffic law adds fines and black points for offenses like parking in front of hydrants or spaces for people with special needs. Accumulating over 24 black points leads to license revocation, lasting three to six months.


Parking violations and fines in Dubai

  • Exceeding parking time – Dh100 (USD 27)
  • Exceeding maximum parking hours – Dh100 (USD 27)
  • Non-payment of parking fees, or ticket is not visible – Dh150 (USD 41)
  • Obstruction/Misuse of parking facility – Dh200 (USD 54)
  • Vehicle crossing the sidewalk or stand on it – Dh200 (USD 54)
  • Use forbidden parking – Dh200 (USD 54)
  • Parking a vehicle without plate number– Dh1000 (USD 272)
  • Unauthorized usage of people of determination parking, or using expire permit, or permit is not visible clearly – Dh1000 (USD 272)
  • Parking a vehicle in reserving parking, or not showing a permit – Dh1000 (USD 272)
  • Car demonstration on sale or rent on a restricted area – Dh1000 (USD 272)
  • Implement parking umbrella without a permit – Dh1000 (USD 272)
  • Harmed or damaged parking ticket machines or zone plates – Dh1000 (USD 272)
  • Removing parking, ticket machines or zone plates without permit – Dh10,000 (USD 2722)


Additionally, the UAE federal traffic law outlines several parking violations that impose black points on a driver’s license along with hefty fines. If a driver accumulates more than 24 black points, their license will be revoked – license suspension can range from three to six months.


UAE federal parking violations

  • Parking in front of fire hydrant places – Dh1000 (USD 272), six black points
  • Parking in the spaces allocated for people with special needs – Dh1000 (USD 272), six black points
  • Park behind vehicles and blocking their movement – Dh500 (USD 136)
  • Parking without securing the vehicle – Dh500 (USD 136)
  • Improper parking – Dh500 (USD 136)
  • Parking vehicles on the pavement – Dh400 (USD 109)