Real estate agents in Dubai are to be regulated by law number 85 of 2006 which regulates the Real Estate Brokers Register in Dubai. The law does not obligate brokers or agents to get a salary certificate from clients to finalize a deal related to taking an apartment on rent or buying it.

Tenants can deny providing a salary certificate and a three month bank statement to the real estate agent as there is no provision in the law of the emirate of Dubai to provide such requirement while purchasing or renting an apartment. In the event the real estate agent denies you to complete the formalities for either buying the apartment or if you are looking out for the apartment on rent then such denial by the real estate agent in a violation of Article 18 and 22 of the Real Estate Agent Law of Dubai. 

Article 18 of the Real Estate Law of Dubai states: "A broker shall not mediate to enter into a transaction which is in violation of the laws and regulations applicable in the Emirate."