A Quiet Place Part II | Leaves You Speechless!

Cast: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, Cillian Murphy

Rating: 4/5

Director: John Krasinski

What’s it about:

Sequel of the much acclaimed ‘A Quiet Place’ that not only tracks the origin of the mysterious alien monsters who kill at the slightest sound but also takes the story forward with more mayhem and destruction. Will anyone survive this unimaginable horror, this time around?


Hollywood’s love for the sequels is as old as the time itself, but in its quest to create successful franchise, a lot of times, we’re force-fed instalment after instalment in the name of legacy. But I cannot say the same for the part two of ‘A Quiet Place.’  

The hugely awaited sequel of this one-of-its-kind monster saga brings back all the goods from its original and infuses it with more action and emotions, making it yet another gripping and engaging survivor saga. The first scene itself is so arresting that it sets the stage for all the thrill that is going to come your way, but it never feels forced or misplaced. This is because at the core of it, co-writer and director John Krasinski ensures that it remains a human interest story. That about a family in the grips of terror. ‘A Quiet Place’ is as much about dodging, killing and surviving the killing machines from another world, as it is about familial bonds and true love. Something that hits home with all of us, especially, given the hard times we have all recently seen.

This time, however, it’s the Gen Next of the Abbotts, especially the young Regan played deftly by Millicent Simmonds, who takes the lead in the fight for survival. The youngster is amazing at her expressive best playing the steely Regan, who fights like a warrior, despite her physical shortcoming, infact, using it to her advantage. Blunt is superb as usual, looking every bit the distraught yet determined mother, who will do whatever it takes to save her family. Cillian Murphy is aptly cast as the supporting friend Emmett, whose apprehensions and heroics are equally justified.

Sure, this part doesn’t have much novelty in terms of its execution and the core conflict. However, the makers cash in on familiar fears and the now famous silencing tactics that give them enough room to be different from the rest in the genre. All in all, ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ is quite the nail-biting, twisted and terrific thriller that will keep you on the edge of the seat as much as the first one, if not more.