Students in CBSE-curriculum Indian schools in the UAE will be able to study Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a subject!

The academic year is going to begin in April for Indian schools and students in grades, 8, 9, and 10 will be given the option of choosing AI as an elective subject.

The decision regarding the introduction of AI as a subject came into consideration during a meeting of the CBSE governing body in India, as reported by Indian media.

The CBSE, is the largest education board in India. There are around 20,300 schools in India and some 220 schools in 25 other countries, including the UAE, associated to the CBSE.

The school principals in the UAE welcomed the news on AI becoming a new subject, and said that students need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of AI, as the technology will prevail future job markets,  lifestyles and industries.