Dubai Metro

It is fast, avoids the insane traffic and always on time. The Dubai Metro is packed with travelers no matter what time of the day. But, the more people there are, the more the chances of the rules being violated.

Here are the common rule violations that can attract fines, ranging from Dh100 to Dh2,000.

  1. Eating OR drinking - Eating or drinking inside the train and on the station platform is discouraged. Do eat food and hydrate yourself before entering the station and the metro. Do not bring drinks or food on board since it will lead to a fine of Dh100.
  2.  Blocking access to the luggage area - It's not a free-standing area. Don't be that "baggage" you get a Dh100 fine for doing so.
  3. Take an unauthorized ride in Gold Class or Ladies Section - In Gold Class, you'll be fined if you fail to present your Nol “Gold” Card to the attendant inside the coach. Fine: Dh100
  4. Causing inconvenience to others - It's a pretty broad topic but if other passengers complain about you while you’re on the train, you can get into trouble. This could be anything from stepping on someone's toes, bringing in objects that are too obstructive, or bringing in pets. Fine: Dh100
  5. Sitting in areas not allocated for sitting - You're not allowed or advised to sit on the floor, on the sides of the escalator, on the stairs or the connecting tube between two train cars during transit. There are rare chances when police officers would walk around the train and they will call you out if they notice you violating this rule. Fine: Dh100
  6. Using someone else's NoL card - The violation is incurred when you use the personalized NoL card of someone else (Blue Card). Getting caught doing so will get you a fine of Dh200.
  7. Selling goods or promoting anything - If you have a product you want to sell, or a service you want to promote, the Metro is not the right place. Selling goods or promoting is not advised as it can lead you to pay a fine of Dh200
  8. Sleeping -You cannot sleep in the waiting areas of the Metro station, but you can sleep while on board. If you do get caught in the waiting areas, there is a fine of Dh300
  9. Damaging any part of the train Tampering with the metro and vandalizing any part of the train also falls in this category which can also get fined for damage made in the Metro stations. Fine: Dh500
  10. Using the emergency features of the Metro -It's quite easy to accidentally bump into the button of the intercom between the authorities and the train during the rush hour. That 'minor accident' will get you a fine of Dh2000. So be careful when you stand in a crowded train and avoid bumping into the button.