EEG’s core objective is to engage all sectors of society in preserving, managing and protecting the environment. To mobilize the community EEG rolled out a nationwide cleanup campaign commonly known as “Clean UP UAE” in 2002.

 Aligning with the spirit of the Year of Zayed, the Clean Up UAE will provide a volunteering platform and target to commemorate the memory of the late Sheikh Zayed, and showcase his impact and legacy, and promote the values that he displayed throughout his life in creative and interactive ways.

 Clean UP UAE 2018 will be the 17th edition of the campaign. Through the years, this national campaign has acquired outstanding scope and stature as more and more people and sites joined the movement for a clean, green and sustainable UAE. The event also includes a slew of activities such as tree planting, competitions, and performances, making it a much anticipated and widely participated environmental campaign unlike any other.  We are proud to say that it has also inspired similar campaigns in neighboring countries.

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