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The UAE's Civil Defence has outlined fire prevention measures and procedures for the winter camp season, as temperatures have cooled down across the country.

The Civil Defense General Command in the Ministry of Interior called upon citizens and residents to adhere to the mandatory safety requirements and standards listed in its guidelines, which are also posted on their social media page, and below.

The list of guidelines include:

  • All light sources and lanterns should remain at least 50cm away from the tent cloth
  • Do not use heat - radiating equipment like ovens or barbecues inside the tent
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby or inside the tent
  • Do not use open flames - like candles or lighters inside the tent

The guidelines fall in line with the awareness initiative that has been launched by the general command's key awareness plan for 2018, to reinforce public safety, and create a culture of prevention amongst community members.