To prevent accidents on UAE roads, the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police have reminded the public about traffic rules through their social media platforms as a part of their awareness programs and safety initiatives.

In order to raise awareness, the Abu Dhabi Police has released a video clip to educate commuters on how to change lanes correctly. A fine of Dh400 will be imposed on those who break this rule.

Very often, motorists change lanes, merge onto highways, exit highways, turn at T-junctions or 4-way junctions or exit roundabouts without the use of indicators. Even fines of Dh200 in Abu Dhabi (3 black points) or Dh400 in Dubai don't act as a deterrent.

The lack of indicator use is not only a nuisance and a sign of poor road habits and impolite behavior, but it can also be dangerous when motorists don't indicate to others where they want to move