Upcoming Public Holidays in the UAE

Written by on 2 September 2019

There’s only one public holiday left this year, and it’s already confirmed which days off we’ll have… A lot of the people were disappointed after the Islamic New Year fell on a Saturday. Which makes the working people wonder when the next public holiday in the UAE will be. The final public holiday of the […]

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The date for Eid Al Adha 2019 revealed

Written by on 10 June 2019

According to the International Astronomical Centre (IAC) in Abu Dhabi, Eid Al Adha is to likely fall on August 11th –Sunday. Most Arab and Islamic centers will be able to easily and clearly see the new moon of Zul Hijjah by naked eyes and telescopes. As is the case every year, Saudi Arabia will announce […]

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Holidays for the Public and Private Sectors!

Written by on 23 April 2019

Check out the list of the official holidays for the public and private sectors! In order to achieve harmony between both sectors, the government decided to integrate equal holidays for both sectors. The total number of official holidays this year is 14. Gregorian New Year: 1st January Eid Al Fitr: From the last day of […]

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UAE private schools to get 3 weeks off

Written by on 9 December 2018

The UAE residents can now relax and go to their office as students are in for a three-week-long treat as winter holidays for UAE private schools are coming up next week. Private schools with foreign curriculum are off from December 16 and will return to school on January 6, according to the UAE Ministry of Education’s […]

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