There’s only one public holiday left this year, and it’s already confirmed which days off we’ll have…

A lot of the people were disappointed after the Islamic New Year fell on a Saturday.

Which makes the working people wonder when the next public holiday in the UAE will be.

The final public holiday of the year is already confirmed – and it’s a long one.

There are three public holiday days left in 2019, which will all fall in succession.

Commemoration Day was previously celebrated on November 30 but was moved to December 1 for 2019 – it falls on a Sunday. Commemoration Day will be marked one day prior to the two-day holiday for UAE National Day, which will be celebrated on Monday, December 2 and Tuesday, December 3 this year. December 2, 2019 marks 48 years since the UAE was formed.

So, for those that typically enjoy a Friday, Saturday weekend, the first weekend of December will be a blissful five day weekend, with work resuming on Wednesday, December 4.