It is time for the biggest clash of the World Cup: India VS Pakistan!  India would like to keep their winning streak of 6 on 6 games from their previous World Cup head to head games.

But with the weather expected to interrupt the game, fans from both sides would be praying for a full match instead of a curtailed one.

Around 800,000 applications were received for the tickets of this much-anticipated game for which the entire stadium capacity of 26,000 is sold out!

Interestingly, even Universe Boss Chris Gayle is hyped up about the mega clash between the bitter rivals. Chris Gayle took to Instagram and posted a picture, donning his "India-Pakistan Suit" and wrote, "Yup! I'm rocking my India Pakistan Suit, all love and respect!... I really love it and this will be one of my outfits at my birthday party on September 20th... it's lit."

Now, time will tell if India will maintain their unbeaten world cup streak or if Pakistan will emerge victoriously!