Pritam firmly believes that a well-created song is not a problem but it is delicate when the industry follows the same type of music which becomes a hit and this affects the quality of the music produced.

Lately, Bollywood has come out with several remixes, with every film having one recreated track.

The music composer recently collaborated with a well-known International DJ, Marshmello, to create the recent hit track ‘Biba’, for his three-city tour in India.

Pritam said the team was clear on what kind of track they wanted, which was more of an “India original”.

“Anything done well is good. But if one recreation works, a thousand more follow. If anything becomes a hit, then everyone will blindly follow it. Herd mentality isn’t healthy because then a lot of trash comes out. That’s the problem,” he said.

“One or two recreations done well is nice but the tendency of following the herd doesn’t really help the industry,” he added.

“I was leaning towards a song which was romantic-trance, the kind which generally Marshmello does. But they wanted a fun track which also feels Indian. The entire process happened really fast, in a span of one month,” he added.