Cast: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhudeva

Director: Remo D’Souza

What’s it about:

A bunch of young street dancers in London compete at the biggest dancing show in the country. But their dance hits a new high when they dance for a cause.


Front-flips, backflips, Jazz, Contemporary, Afro, Krump, Locking and Popping, Animation Tutting, Urban and Slow Mo – these are just some of the dances and its forms at display in Street Dancer 3D – an out and out dance film that doesn’t miss a step when it comes to the art itself. Varun Dhawan with his rock solid six-pack abs packs in quite a punch as he leads the show, shirtless. The youngster doesn’t miss a beat while performing the difficult acrobatic dance forms that will wow you. Shraddha Kapoor also matches him brilliantly at every step in dance but the character of a firebrand competitive street bully doesn’t quite suit her neither does she have the acting chops to carry it off convincingly. The rest of the cast rallies around the leads doing their dances but it’s Prabhudeva who makes a smashing comeback with his Muqabla number. The man is just as agile even today and clearly one of the best original dancers of India.

Each dance number in the film is mounted on a grand scale to make it a visual spectacle and it works. What also works is the music, the special effects, and the elaborate set pieces giving the film it's larger than life looks and feels. But it’s the story that fails at every step. The director tries to pack in a few subplots but none of them hit home because the writing itself isn’t half as strong as the film’s choreography. Clearly, it’s a new genre for Bollywood and it will take a while to get it all right.

But in the end, Street Dancer 3D is a relentless dance extravaganza of epic proportions that lives up to its promise.