Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor

Director: Siddharth Anand

What’s it about:

Two smoldering diehard deshbhakts are pitted against each other as one of them turns rogue. Thus begins a chase that involves blood, brawn, and blokes that culminate into an action-packed showdown.


So here’s the good news!

Whatever you expected from War, it’s all there. This one starts with a bang and like an express train, it keeps speeding away, right through the first half.  The story relentlessly takes you back and forth into the lives of our two leading men – Kabir (Hrithik) and Khalid (Tiger). The duo are super-agents of the elite ‘A’ team of India’s secret agency that takes down national enemies. Hrithik Roshan aptly plays the larger-than-life team leader with a thundering screen presence who’s got a license to kill (and thrill). Tiger Shroff is the able student prodigy, who can match his Guru step for step – be it in action or in dancing! Yes, there’s always some fun to be had between killing the bad guys.

Director and co-writer Siddharth Anand plays to the gallery in every department. He comes up with a script packed with plot twists and fast-paced developments. It even has enough opportunities for the two men to display their various talents and good looks. The film itself moves from one gorgeous location to another across the globe, giving you a virtual world tour. Thankfully, the story has some conviction and honesty that lets you enjoy the action as it unfolds. Vaani Kapoor has a small but important role. The rest of Hrithik’s crack team members have more to do, but the film’s villains are too caricaturish to evoke any real fear. While War has all the elements of a slick potboiler, it’s only in the last 20 minutes or so that the film starts to feel like a stretch. This as the narratives dive into juvenile explanations for some of the more shocking previous developments.

The real ‘War’ Heroes here are its dapper dudes and an engaging fast-paced narrative, which isn’t new but packs enough punch to give you your money’s worth.