As the COVID-19 numbers saw a sharp rise across the UAE, the authorities swung into action to tighten the restrictions and control the cases. The UAE has not only been at the forefront of implementing the safety measures but the country's vaccination drive is also being executed on a war-footing. The UAE's vaccination administration rate is the second highest globally.

But with numbers showing a sharp uptick, Dubai has adopted multiple measures to boost Covid-19 safety. The new rules range from closing down a section of F&B outlets to putting a stop on private parties and events. The authorities have also ramped up PCR testing for passengers and streamlined healthcare resources, even as a record number of residents, 157,783 to be precise, were vaccinated in the last 24 hours. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) said the total doses administered now stands at 3.84 million. This takes the rate of doses per 100 people to 38.92.

Now, as the authorities have introduced a new list of all the COVID safety measures across Dubai, restaurant and lounge owners have welcomed the move, squarely putting safety over profits.

Yogi, owner of Haveli Lounge & Cafe says the new rules are challenging for his business but extremely crucial to avert a bigger crisis, later on. “We’ve taken every care to become 100% COVID-compliant and we pride ourselves in giving our customers a safe and protected environment to celebrate their moments of joy,” stresses Yogi adding that business owners in Dubai should be rather thankful to the authorities for the fact that unlike many other countries, Dubai has bounced back with an added emphasis on safety and precaution. Yogi concludes by saying that adhering to safety measures is the least we all can do.

And Yogi's point of view is a populist one that is shared by restaurant owners across Dubai and the other emirates. Perhaps the reason why most of them comply fully while those who do not face heavy fines and closures.

Socially distanced tables at Haveli Lounge and Cafe

As per the new rules, pubs and bars have been ordered to close while shopping malls have been asked to operate at a reduced capacity of 70%. The seating capacity for indoor venues, including cinemas, entertainment and sports venues is reduced to 50%. Meanwhile, restaurants and cafes are required to close by 1am and entertainment activities have been barred as well.

These enhanced precautionary measures are stringently enforced and will be in place until end of February after which they will be reviewed. During such an unprecedented time of crisis, the UAE has led the fight against Coronavirus with resilience, reasonability and tact.