Imagine you driving on a Dubai road and you’re hauled up by the authorities. What happens next? Fine? Well, yes if you have erred but what if you’re driving perfectly well and still you’re pulled up? Well, worry not because that is your lucky day, as many across Dubai found out in the last 3 days.

The Tristar GoldStar team and RTA have been rewarding responsible road users with an unexpected bumper. This includes a thousand dirhams in cash, a Tristar Goldstar, a Certificate and an RTA safety kit.

This unique campaign brought to you by Tristar in association with AGMC, BMW, Gulf News and 89.1 Radio 4
was managed by Ciel Events and in the last 3 days not just motorists, but even pedestrians from different walks of life.

At first, they would be surprised thinking that they have been stopped for some mistake but when they are told that they have actually been stopped for being a responsible road user and presented with the goodies including the cash, the expression on their face is priceless.

It is these cheers and smiles that the RTA is aiming to spread through this campaign along with the message of road safety for all. And we at Radio 4 are proud to be a part of this uniquely rewarding initiative.