Being stubborn can be a bad thing at times as you might lose your patience and for the bargain, you may forget what is right or wrong. Stubbornness, ignorance, and determination have a very fine line that differentiates one from the other. Rohit’s stubbornness crossed all limits, all because he wanted to win the task for the Red Team.

The first round of the luxury budget task came to an end but Megha - Jasleen and Rohit - Deepak’s unabating argument continued. The Red team (Somi, Surbhi, Romil, and karanvir) were enjoying this quarrel from outside the snake.

The second round began and both the teams took over the lever. They tried various tricks and tactics to win against each other. But Rohit and Deepak’s strength and derogatory comments overpowered Jasleen and Megha's. A game turned out to be a battlefield and they were not paying attention to even Srishty’s instructions as a sanchalak. This resulted in damaging of the lever, which upset Bigg Boss. Deepak and Rohit won the round and Sreesanth came into the snake from the Blue Team. 

But will Sreesanth be able to keep his calm and help Blue team win the game or just like other tasks he will quit this one too?



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