Sweet, innocent and naive – Urvashi Vani’s eviction left everyone teary eyed. After completing seven weeks in the Bigg Boss 12 house, Urvashi who had entered the house as Deepak Thakur’s jodidaar bids her farewell. While the two maintained that they share a ‘Guru-Shishya’ relationship, the two seemed to keep the audience’s and inmates confused about the nature of their relationship. Host Salman Khan would always tease them about the same to which Urvashi would always blush and called Deepak simple and honest.  But with time, Deepak and Urvashi’s jodi drifted apart due to the intense competition.

In the first week, she had a massive argument with Somi Khan over a task and eventually broke down in tears.  Post that, Urvashi was quiet and always kept things to herself.  She was one contestant who always took care of everyone irrespective of her rapport with them.  She shared a very cordial relationship with Dipika, Karanvir, Sreesanth, and Srishty. Most of the time, she would be in the kitchen with Dipika helping and chatting with her like a younger sister. Although kind and simple, every guest who had come in the house, always advised Urvashi to amp up her game and start voicing her opinion. But Urvashi’s innocence always took precedence over her personality. Her eviction left everyone teary eyed as all the housemates were quite fond of her.

Commenting about her experience of Bigg Boss, Urvashi Vani said, “This has been my biggest claim to fame in my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of being a part of Bigg Boss. Sharing the same space with so many known faces of the country was like a dream come true. I am happy to have got this chance and would thank everyone who has supported me in this journey. I wish my fellow housemates in the show a very good luck and hope that the best one wins.”