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Dubai: 4 times flying cars, taxis have taken off in the city

Written by on 13 February 2023

Dubai skies could be buzzing with air taxis in just three years. The Dubai Ruler has unveiled designs of swanky stations, and the aerial taxis that will have top speeds of 300kmph, with a maximum range of 241km. It will seat a pilot and four passengers. Dubai authorities have been exploring aerial taxis for years […]

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93km climate-controlled Dubai highway: How proposed project will connect 3 million residents

Written by on 6 February 2023

A Dubai-based sustainable cities developer is aiming to create the world’s first closed loop structure around a city. Called ‘The Loop’, the concept will see 93-km climate-controlled cycle highway around Dubai. The project aims to connect more than 3 million residents to key services and locations within minutes by walking and cycling. The Loop would […]

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95% of Dubai roads in top condition, new index shows

Written by on 1 February 2023

treets in Dubai scored 95 per cent on the Road Pavements Condition Index in 2022, the Roads and Transport Authority said. The functional and structural assessment was conducted and designed by RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency to identify surface damage such as cracks, subsidence, potholes and loosening in the sidewalk surface using the Index, as […]

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New Burj Khalifa show to wish you a happy birthday

Written by on 30 January 2023

If your birthday or that of your loved ones falls before the end of February, you can have the world’s tallest greeting card! In a new initiative, the Burj Khalifa will light up with ‘happy birthday to you’ messages every day at 8.45pm till February 28. You can head down to the Dubai Mall waterfront […]

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Dubai is world’s number one destination in 2023

Written by on 20 January 2023

Dubai has ranked as the world’s most popular destination for holidaymakers in Tripadvisor’s 2023 Travellers’ Choice Awards. Known for its luxury hotels, record-breaking buildings, traditional souqs and family-friendly attractions, Dubai has retained the title for the second year running. The annual TripAdvisor awards are based on millions of reviews submitted on the platform by the […]

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UAE to ban single-use plastic shopping bags starting in 2024

Written by on 12 January 2023

 The United Arab Emirates on Tuesday announced a ban on single-use plastic shopping bags to take effect next year, the latest initiative aimed at reducing pollution in the oil-rich nation. The law would prohibit the import, production and circulation of such bags from Jan 1, 2024. A similar ban would apply to plastic cups, plates […]

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