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A health centre in Abu Dhabi has been fined Dh1 million by the Department of Health in the emirate (DoH). Several doctors at the centre have been referred for investigation on suspicion of fraud. The centre is prohibited from offering dental services across all branches due to suspected fraudulent activities aimed at misappropriating public funds, effectively barring them from offering these services in the future. The health department unveiled a series of decisive measures and actions taken against several healthcare facilities found in violation of healthcare laws, regulations, and policies in the emirate. In addition to this, DoH closed down eight healthcare facilities following extensive inspections including three (an occupational medicine centre, a laboratory, and a medical centre) which violated law related to the prevention of infectious diseases. Four home care facilities were also closed down due to their failure to comply with the Department's standards and regulations governing home care services. The authority also closed down a dental clinic after substantiation of several violations including the employment of unlicensed healthcare professionals, as well as not adhering to the sterilisation protocols.