Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Alaya F
Director: Nitin Kakkar
What’s it about?
A middle-aged free-spirited Casanova is confronted with the worst fear of his life - a young girl claiming to be his daughter who also turns out to be pregnant. Will he warm up to the idea of a family?
When Saif Ali Khan isn’t playing a ruthless killer with some evil dark force he is playing the suave and urbane Punjabi in London, who loves parties and Patolas. The role of Jazz is so well suited to the man that he looks convincing and least bit tacky even when he is going around with girls half his age. This is a film and a role
clearly tailor-made for Bollywood’s Chhote Nawab, who doesn’t miss a bit. And he finds a perfect co-star in the young and confident Alaya F who plays his illegitimate child slugging it out all by herself to sort out her daddy issues. She does this without any over-the-top dramatics or loudness that would have punctured the zing out of her resolute character.
There is also Tabu who looks refreshing in her Phoebe-like avatar, but the talented actress has way too little screen time, with and without Saif. I was looking forward to the recreation of their crackling chemistry in this reunion after so many years.
But what Jawaani Jaaneman lacks in chemistry it makes up in its casual and entertaining execution. A lesser director would have either made a melodramatic mess or a series of slapstick scenes to tell this unique and quirky story of complicated human relationships. But director Nitin Kakkar succeeds in keeping it fun and frothy for the most part without making it a tear-jerker. He sure falters in the second half when the emo drama gets the better of his characters, but never to the extent to lose focus of the larger picture and message.
Watch this one for Saif as he makes you root for the single man, who's never ready to settle. Well then again, never say never!
By @Reviewron