Residents have been warned to brace for a storm, which is due to barrel into the north and north-east coast during morning rush hour on Wednesday.

Strong winds, heavy rain, thunder, and lightning will sweep in during the early hours, centering on Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Abu Dhabi could see some showers but should escape the worst of the weather, which will peak between 9 am and 11 am, according to current charts on

Howard Townsend, an administrator of the Unofficial UAE Weather and Info page on Facebook, said the system is centered on a low-pressure area, with many combined showers and its own circulatory winds system which contains it in one mass.

The weather in Abu Dhabi will be less intense, although it could still be very windy in parts as the weather system passes through, blowing dust on the roads, he wrote.

Rain is expected across many parts of the country on Monday, with the south due to escape.